'If' We Focused And Dared

On 'this' side,
Of our daily lives...
So many chances come to us,
To reflect.
So many chances come to us,
To accept or reject...
And/or decide,
The direction of our lives.

On 'this' side,
We can...
If we wish,
Choose to cry, sigh or create alibis...
Over 'that' we can not change.
Many make claims,
So much for them remains the same.
Revolving in slow motion.

On 'this' side...
We can slip,
Dip and slide...
Into regular doses of misery,
Profused in dripping sweat.
Proving to all...
We are doing the best we can,
For the expected results we get.

And we can try hard to hide,
On 'this' side...
Every last borrowed sorrow.
We can TAKE PRIDE in who we are!
To make 'that' a goal,
For us to consciously accomplish!
As a means of assurance to complete,
And get done...'if', we focused and dared.

On 'this' side,
We can...
If we wish,
Correct and not dismiss...
Events of nonsense.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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