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If We Only Knew
MM ( / Missouri City, TX, USA)

If We Only Knew

Poem By Mary McKee

It's a FACT:, As we live, we will surly die.
Place no treasures upon this earth.
Hell is a place no one wants to go.
The time is now to save our souls.

Heaven is a place, we all want be.
Where everyone is happy and free.
No pain , no suffering, or crying anymore,
Just joy and laughter, that sounds good as gold.

The only way to get there is to obey God's law.
Have faith and trust in what he can do.
His son Jesus, died for all of you.

It's a FACT:, lie will go on.
Let our treasure, be in our heavenly home.
Thank you Jesus, for seeing us through.
The vision we have is to be there too.


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