TM ( / England)

If We Should Meet

Would your secret fantasy
turn you off the real me
If one day you & I should meet
Would I make you feel complete

And how would I feel about you
Could this dream really come true
When I stand before you, the woman I am
Would you still want to be my man

I know these questions are absurd
But of love like this I never heard
This thing happening between you & I
and the sun, the stars, the moom & sky
Heaven alone knows how we would feel
Were we our selves to one day reveal

I love you for the way I feel now
And the day we meet I know somehow
It will not change who we are
For I first loved you from afar

And so tonight I begin to pray
that if we should meet some day
We will want to be in eachothers lives
and stay on cloud nine in forever skies

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Comments (5)

Now you make me want to follow this see how it turns out.: -) Wishing you all your dreams comes true Tia! ! Hugs, Dee
Peter hopes your wishes are granted 10
In forever skies, just lovely regards Tom 10
The fun is in the get to knowing, the real him the real you but together well there are not sure things, but enjoy together what makes your hearts sing.. Andy 10
Wonderful romantic dream! Wish you your dream come true one day!