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If When My Soul...
RW (Febuary 23,1952 / France)

If When My Soul...

Poem By Richard Wlodarski

If when my soul
Is so troubled
And I am blind
You are my eyes

If when my soul
Is tormented
And I am deaf
You're my ears

If when my soul
Is so damn lost
And I'm heartless
You're one with God

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Comments (4)

During trouble and heartless conditions we realize that God ever helps us. His presence motivates mind to higher aspects of life. This is an interesting poem beautifully penned. An amazing sharing is done here...10
Quite philosophical. When we are attached with self we are detached with God and when we are detached with self we are attached with God. Thanks a lot.
At every situation, man tries to find some-one from the society itself to share his views. A classical interaction of the the part with the whole. The same is depicted in the poem beautifully. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes for the New Year 2018, in advance. Pallab Chaudhury
Humans were never meant to be alone. Thanks for sharing your poem Richard.