If Wine Is Fine....What About Blueberry Pie

Yes, my scrumptious one,
though I have never, yet
laid eyes or hands upon
your blushing cheeks,
there would be 16 candles,
soft music from 8 tiny speakers
and I could feed you
if you like, by silver spoon
those lusty little portions
of berries resting within crumbs
of smothering cream
all freshly whipped,
and yes it would
be very safe
to trust your eyes
and other senses
when we are close
in gourmand fashion
and wondering whether,
there will be kisses,
and caresses
and other joys.
And later then
when night has come
and time has dwindled
while we were
entranced in
fragrant extrospection
we may be thinking.
Perhaps with hope
in our happy, timid hearts,
that 16 candles
have arrived
at their lives' ending
and will die.
In darkness
we will find our truth.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (5)

Your poetry is always so alive with experience, and there is pie too. Ya gotta love that! 10+
I hope she does't like Sherry, Lawrence. Although I would kiss her anyway. Taut behinds of the real young ones are, however, far from being taught behinds.I do like gluteal expertise. Blueberry Pie can be further enhanced by pouring heated sour cherries over the top after having plopped a good helping of vanilla ice cream directly on the piece. This can be followed by a dash of high potency eggnog.For recipes Allan, I am due North of you.(If not visiting O/S) H
I am going to ask santa to send me a herbert for xmas, just before i have my dinner you can describe it for me therefore making me hungrier by my listening to your words of description, i am going down the shop for a blueberry pie, i will wash it down with a cherry brandy Warm regards allan
Don't worry, Jodilee, the candles would be melting very slowly (quality products) , then you could remove the two dots and the comma from your message (below) after O' my. If you prefer a different type of snack to go with the wine, I can be a connoisseur and have dabbled in caviar, oysters, beef tartare, Limburger cheese (might dampen the ambience) , cheese cake with raisins, pork knuckles with hot mustard, to name just the tip of the repertoire. You are a good sport, he says to confuse onlookers. Best wishes, and keep at least one candle burning... Herbert
hmmm, me melting like the candles.., still thinking about the blueberry pie too..., and how the dining would be, with you and me..... O' my.., herbert...