*** Until Death Do Us Part *** In Top 500

I was just an innocent
Caught in a whirlpool of puerile dreams,
Every second I spent with you,
Really was a dream come true.
Around us, was fantasy escalating
Until your daybreak dawned on me.

Used to be like a dead and inanimate sun,
You came along,
Showed me what is love,
Changed my life innumerable ways,
Some of which, I cant even spell.

We were meant to be,
The only ones to ever see,
What true love really means-
That our future was forseen-
As someone special,
to share my heart.

First, it was too good to be true,
Brought me to life,
so strong so spiritual,
It was simply me and you.
But soon we loved
and too late we knew-
That three, was too much of
a crowd.

Misery was created,
Aspertions cast,
Love disc thrown so recklessly
It hit so truculently,
Only to awaken,
That love cannot be compelled.

Our trust was strained,
With our last hope drained,
Evolved into hate
And had only fate to blame.

We hurt each other too much,
Gambled our love,
On the table of mess.,
Between the truth and the lies,
We pretend that guilt will mend,
Wats the point of it now?
realizing truth hurts,
We part as best friends,
Love glasses silently break
Knowing this is the end.

Wounds, too deep to heal,
Time, is the best healer they say.
Now we just live and let live
Realizing that this is best for us
Until death do us part.

(I dedicate this poem to Princess Diana)



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It took me away into a nice world. Liked it.
really nice, good read.
wonderfully wrote, really enjoyed it!