If You

If you could stop time would you risk it?
If you could forget pain would you do it?
If you could run would you stop?
Would you run till you reached the top?

If you were in trouble would you fight?
Would you understand what's wrong or right?
If someone hurt you would you cry?
Would you cry till night reached the sky?

If you were hurting would you want me to know?
Or would you shut me out and tell me to go?
If the pain never stopped would you end your life?
Would you slit your throat with a sharp clean knife?

If love was a crime would you pay?
Could you let love just slip away?
Could you just stand there and fall apart?
Could you just not let love in your heart?

I feel your hurt and all your pain.
It's all pouring down just like the rain.
I want to help you I really do.
But it's not up to me it's only up to you.

It's ok to trust me cause I'm here.
I would never, run, never disappear.
I will stick by you till the end.
Because you're my only one true friend.

by Edith SaintFelix

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This is a great poem. It makes me think. I give you a 10. *Sierra*