If You Are Here With Me

If I can be a princess
Of kingdoms by the sea
Where knights have wings
And dragons speak to me
They say I should be happy
But I know I won’t be
For kingdoms mean nothing
If you’re not there with me

If I can be a poor man’s wife
With only rags to wear
If I can live a pauper’s life
With poverty to bear
They say I will be sorry
But I know I won’t be
For I can sail against the wind
If you are here with me

But I am not a princess
Nor a poor man’s wife
And you are just a dream
Throughout my lonely life
But just in case you dreamt of me
Then maybe there’s a chance
That I can be your poor man’s wife
Or you can be my prince

by Jemarie Ragudo

Comments (8)

For I can sail against the wind If you are here with me... very romantic and a passionate poem.... full of desire and wishes. love and love alone is the most important in life.... togetherness. together we shall conquer........ thank you for this wonderful poem. tony
it's so romantic... one of the best poem I ever read.
This is AMAZING i love it so true and well laid out
You are 3 for 3 wowing me! This creates visuals and has such a loyal message. Thank you for sharing.
This is a lovely poem. I can see this one being published in a magazine. Sincerely, Connie
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