If You Are Not Feeling It

Do you have it in yourself to achieve?

Are you bothered by listening and discipline?
Does either one of them or both...
Make you cringe?
Especially when someone experienced,
Tells you over and over again...
Those are the two key elements to success.

And you regard criticisms, advice and suggestions...
As being offensive to your sensitivities?
Plus you rather socialize than to sacrifice your time,
To do anything that prioritizes...
What you claim to have love and interest to do.
And there is no loyalty or devotion applied?
Where is your passion?

Do 'I' think you have it in yourself to achieve?
That's the question you did ask me,
You have none of that of which I just mentioned.

Was that a trick question?
Or did you just want to see me laugh?
And why would you ask me,
A question like that in the first place?

If you are not feeling it...
What makes you believe that I can feel 'that',
Coming from you?
Stop seeking attention.
Stop seeking acceptance.
Believing in yourself and your abilities,
And you will never have to ask me...
Or anyone else,
A question like that again.
Now get out of my face.
You're wasting 'my' time.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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