WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

If You Decide To Come Back To Me

I'm here sitting, standing, waiting, watching
I'll be here sitting, standing, waiting, watching

If you decide you need a break, you know where I'll be
If you find your way back, I'll be here, you don't need a key

Knock as loud as you can, if you find yourself at my front door
Be as persistent as you can, if you find yourself needing more

I'll be here when you decide to come rolling 'round
I'll know when you arrive, you don't even have to make a sound

If you find yourself missing me, take that redeye back home
If you find yourself tired of it all, don't worry you need not roam

You'll always have a place at my table, and in my heart
I'll be here with open arms, to bring you back to the good part

I'll leave a beacon to guide you home
A shiny piece of chrome

A light that burns in my soul
It burns making me whole

I'll go on living, I'll find many loves in this life
But they'll never compare to you, I wish you were my wife

If you never come back, I'll still be a happy man
Contempt with the time together, holding your hand

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