If You Did Not Know!

If you sit and listen,
To those deranged.
You will leave them believing...
They are innocent of their misfit ways.
And they had nothing to do with,
A way of life that for all has decayed.

With halos adorning upon their heads.
And wings attached from their backs to spread.
If you sit and listen!
If you did not know!

If you thought of them victimized...
In a world they themselves did not bestow,
Their own love to feed and grow...
A decadence!

A decadence only they nurtured.
And allowed themselves to show!
If you sit and listen to them.
If you did not know!

'What is that over there? '

Those are the two million people incarcerated.~

'How did that happen to them? '

~Who knows?
Perhaps that is what they chose.~

A government for the people,
And by the people!
Certain people...
That is.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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A powerful poem on the nature of Free Will and Destiny