If You Don’t Find Love

In this city, you can die
In a lonely drive-by,
Blood oozing from your chest
In the dirty street
And someone will walk over you
Eating a sandwich
And never skip a beat.

If you don’t find love, one day,
You’ll suffer a funereal
Without any mourners,
Or possibly be tossed
On a garbage heap.

Things don’t look currently
That encouraging to me,
But I’m not decaying yet.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (4)

a sad view on life that has an optimistic undertone...i like it luv ya, eni da kid
Stark, genuine, and very powerful. The street and its sad people may not survive, but your poetry will, Uriah. Take care. Kindest regards, Sandra
A poem of angst and melancholy that has fierce determination and hope. A beautiful poem Uriah. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I absolutely love the poem