If You Don’t Have A Past You Don’t Have A Future

The tears have fallen
And now they are dry
I have searched for the answer
But now I don’t care why
I pushed people away
But they are gone
I have said I didn’t like you
But now I don’t want to move on
Watching people stand in front of you
But knowing that there isn’t one thing I can do
Knowing that I always looked for the light in the sun
But now I realizing how far I have run
Help me….I don’t know where to turn anymore
I keep thinking about the memories of the life I had before
I have run from the good, created bad
Now i’m left fighting for what I once had
Not a lot of the things are left maybe a few good friends
But that isn’t where the story ends
I have lost my sister and felt the worst pain
People have lost my trust that they try to regain
Scared to lose just one more thing that I hold
Someone help pull me in from the cold
All I ever saw was one more back turning to leave me here
Falling to my knees struck with fear
I have lost so many that shouldn’t be gone
No I don’t have anyone to fall back on
I admit I always pushed people far from my heart
One a few stayed to help me when I fell apart
When I walk away
Grab me by my arm
When I tell you that I don’t love you
I’m just trying to help myself to stay from harm
When I get mad at you
Tell me that you’ll never leave
If you don’t have a past you don’t have a future
That that is something that I believe...

by Michelle Guza

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