If You Don'T Know Me By Now

Poem By David Taylor

Hello, may I offer a drink
of poetic verse
that’s straight from the heart?
We don’t have too long
to chat and converse,
so if you agree,
we’ll cut to the chase
and get straight to the point..
I know you poetry readers
have no time to waste.

My names David,
what’s yours?
Do you like poems and verse?
Well what a coincidence,
I like them too!
Do you like poems
which are honest and true?
You do! Ohh,
I think we're getting on swell.
Come back to my page
and stay for the night,
reading more poems
that come straight from my heart.

And when you have finished
reading a few,
please tell me,
if you don’t mind
me asking that is.
Did they manage,
in any meaningful way,
to hit that spot
that so few even knew,
might be lying,
or dying,
so deep inside you?

Comments about If You Don'T Know Me By Now

ah yes David, they hit the spot right on as does this clever and make 'ya laugh one right here, , , Now this is just dang good! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! marci :)
Ahhh, loved it. Honest and true. A drink of poetic verse is always welcome. Lovely David. M.
Oh yes It's true I had to view And if you only knew some of your poems stick to my heart like glue :)

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