AR (3-2-1945 / California)

If You Ever

If you ever find a moment
Between sanity and insanity
You’ll find a world spinning fast
Someone falling off like an outcast
Others hanging on too long to their past
But most will prove their worth
Clinging to this ball of clay we call earth
Planting seeds and nurturing them to a new birth
If you ever find a moment
Between a good thought and a bad one
How you led as if you were blind
Not thinking of what you were leaving behind
Because what is lost in love is very hard to find
Yet in the end you focus on what is true
You create morning smiles out of the blue
It came so easy just being you
If you can ever find a moment
Between devotion and despair
When you’re down and ready to just quit
Feeling like you are being swallowed into a dark pit
Your brain is fried and you can’t take another hit
Just remember the love you make
Is going to be the love you take
It will erase the hurt of any heartache
So find yourself a moment
For you and you alone
It’ll be the best moment you’ve ever known

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Al, It is fascinating. It is really hard for people to get through things when they arent at their best mood, they are always trying to fill that void, There are times when people just loose it, me being one of thise people and they have no where else to hide, they just stick to love and what they know. What was once a tragedy turns into a great moment that no one had ever though capable.