(23/12/94 d/m/y / a hospital)

If You Fall, I'Ll Catch You

I'm you friend and I'll be true
I swear my friend, I'll always love you
To prove to youwhat you mean to me
I'll be the best friend I can be
If you fall from a mountain, if you fall from a tree
I'll catch you, don't worry
If you fall in the ocean, if you fall in the sea
I swear I'll catch you, don't worry
If you fall off a clif or if you fall in a ditch
I'll catch you, I promise!
If you fall out of a truck or out of a car
I'll catch you, so you won't get a scar
If you fall from a plane or out of a jet
I'll catch you without breaking a sweat
But if you fall out of heaven, that's not unexpected
You're and angel and to let you fall would be stupid!

by LaTisha Parkinson

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Comments (2)

that's a beautiful poem about a friendship that obvious means alot to you. loved it.
you 're great...........dare to take the falls...........for the sake of love.