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If You Knew...
CSC (SEPTEMBER 16,1994 / )

If You Knew...

Poem By Charlsy Soccer Chick

If only I wasn't thinking of you 24/7
If only I could just froget you
If only I never cried over you
If only we never met
If only we could be friends one more day...
I would tell you...:
How much I cared
Yet how little you did
How much I loved
But you never did
How much that hurt
You never knew
(If only)
If only I didn't show up that November day
If only I never spoke to you
If only I knew who you were back then
(If only)

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Sometimes I think it would be good if one could have parts of one's memory erased? But then, even if you only kept what seemed liked the good bits, they'd still show up how grey the present is by contrast and that would still hurt?