(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

If You Let Me Drive

What do I do,
When all I have is You?
All my needs with You are met,
Expecting nothing due. It's true...
I have no regrets.

What do I do,
When plans I make
Are made with You beside me...
Without one thought to hesitate.

What do I do...
When everything prayed for is being done?
I know You're Omni-present and Magnificent...
All Things Delicious,
Most Revered and Precious One!

I know You're 'there',
To protect and guide!
All I ask from You, Your Grace...
Is to let me drive!
Haven't I boosted up enough,
Your Rooster Boasting Pride?
If You let me drive...
I wont forget You're there with me,
Along for the ride...
Right by my side!

'You have a unique way to attract My attention,
My son.
Such a...
Revamped approach to making clear to Me,
Your needs!
With a spoiled sense of expectation!
I'll let you drive!
As soon as you prove and show to ME,
You deserve the 'keys'!

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A complex poem. You have a way of blending the divine with the profane. Your spirit shines through with this. Admirable passion, well expressed. - Will
Splendid piece L with deep meaning