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If You Look After Me
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If You Look After Me

Poem By Jane Sparkes

If you look after me
I’ll be a good companion
I will stand in a stable and look forward to the food you bring
I will ignore my urge to wander, to roam
As you’ll be giving me my home

If you look after me
I will carry you
We can pretend to run free, you and me
I will submit and I will show you how it could feel
To be free

If you look after me
I will wear things on my head and feet and back
To help me be useful to you
And I will try to understand why I let this happen to me
Ignoring my primal urges to fight you or flee

When you lead I will follow
When you guide me from my back
I will try to understand you
I will try not to be afraid
I will try to trust you

If I falter in path
Will you guide me patiently?
Will I feel a whip across my flank
Or a soothing hand upon my neck
With another chance to understand

When my time is done
And my strength is gone
Will you be there to pave my way?
A last journey, free from pain towards the light I may
If you are the last thing I see
I’ll be so glad that it was this way
That you looked after me.

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I liked this different approach, as I rode a lot as a child. Horses are wonderfully trusting animals. It also reminded me that I'd promised to take my eldest daughter riding, I must get around to taking her. Thanks