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If You Met Me On The Street
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If You Met Me On The Street

Poem By Rhonda Davis

The spirit above has said: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.
What is so hard about this?
I do not understand.
You hatred of me confuses me for I have done nothing wrong.
You would not know me if we passed on the street.
You would come into my home and think what a lovely place.
Cats and dogs that live in peace sleeping curled up beside each other.
Boys and girls who come and go in a home with love only to move on with life confident and free.
A normal household not any different from the house you reside in.
Yet it is because here all are truly accepted.
The food is warm and the taxes are paid.
The jobs and responsibilities are done each day to meet our needs.
The spirit above lights our way.
But yet you someone that would not know me if we passed on the street, hates my life and home and love.
You commend and hate a love so true and faithful to only one and no other on earth saying that they will ruin the holy state of marriage.
The marriage contract a written legal contract to be judged by human kind.
What God has brought together let no man put a sunder.
The spirit above tells me I have to forgive you so I do.
Pity grows in my heart for you.
Ah, yes you who judge and grow in hate I ask for your forgiveness from the spirit above.
The one who loves us all no matter who we are.

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