EF (12/19/93 / UplandxHeights)

If You Miss Me

it is dark.
i am alone.
a slight breeze chills a uncovered spot on my back.

It feels good though.

I am slightly drowsy, worn down from sadness
Tired from carrying around a heavy heart
full of anger?
or perhaps regret
or maybe even depression

but the one that is most familiar is frustration.

I realize how dangerously close i am to not caring.
Not caring what they think
Not caring if they care
Not caring if i'm not around anymore...

I want to disappear.
I want to be invisible.

I want to sink so far into the abyss of my own soul and stay there.

I want to cry...i just want to pour my heart out to some random stranger..but i cant.
I cant do anything, but sit here, and write this.
I cant do anything but fake the bliss
All i want is to be missed.

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