If You Only Knew!

I watch you from afar
Thinking of what to say
To get your attention
Which I could never do anyway

You’re in my every thought
And pumping my every breath
To make me long for the time
That I’ll be underneath your chest

I care for you so much
And count the days that we’re apart
That gives me a stronger longing
To love you with all my heart!

When I’m in your arms
(Which i can only dream)
I snuggle and say “I love you! ”
And that I really mean!

…. If you only knew that I felt this
If we were more than just friends
Then nothing would ever come between us
Or make this unfailing love end!

by Shelby Lanier

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hmmm... secret lover... how sweet it is if she ever finds out or... watch out. thanks.md. she probably has a hunch bigger than 767.