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If You Only Knew

If you only knew
What I’ve gone through,
Then maybe I’ll be accepted
Through your eyes.
If you only knew
Where my life is headed,
Then maybe we could
Come together again.
If you could only understand
My feelings for you,
Then maybe you could
Love me for who I am,
Not what you want
Me to be.
If you would only listen
To what I have to say,
Then maybe our hearts
And lives wouldn’t be broken.
If, only, and then is all
I ever think about.
Why can’t I make these
“If onlys” alive and real?
Because I’m too afraid of
What you might say to what
Had happened to me.
If you only knew,
Then our lives would have
Been so much better.
But you had chosen not to
Listen to me.
So now the question going
Through your head isn’t
“What’s wrong with her? ”
But rather,
“Would our lives been
better if I knew? ”

by Marianne Huntley

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