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My Childhood School

My childhood school is made of tent but its uniqueness is beautiful,
Where the genius have had their learning of truth, honesty, love & faith.

The soil, the banyan tree & the bell are in a wonderful way,
And that makes my school more special even today.

I made a sudden visit to my childhood’s school,
And I felt proud to have a look at my school from close.

My teachers were there to great me, but they didn’t recognize me for a while,
And I gave them a wonderful surprise by my sudden visit,

The memories of childhood were flowing around me,
I was recollecting my childhood days spent with my friends & teachers,

I wish I could be a child again to learn the best lesson from my teachers,
So that I can make the best memories again for my life.

Stepping in the school made me very much wonderful,
Taking blessings from my teachers and Amma for my destination

I have grown up now, but I am still their little child
Who wants to be always close to them forever

Hearing my words, they felt proud of me,
They did not believe, that I was their poor student who come to see them,

I have swallowed my proud before them,
They are my foundation, on which I am establishing myself.

The most wonderful gift I have received from the Almighty,
That was in the lap of my school where I played my childhood.

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