DC (4-04-92 / NY)

If You Said 'Yes', We'D Be Dancing Along Bowling Alleys, With Coffee's As Champagnes!

we're at a new generation,
! halt...no, stop?
wait, Go!
green's for go,
isn't it...
wasn't it red for stop?
it won't matter for we've hit the jackpot,
and girls would line up,
for a chance to say 'i do' in a 2 minute wedding
in Vegas.
the altar's firey hot, and the priest's are 2 seconds richer.
oh preach! for a new eye-candy without their doubts.
the letters in my
are for long-terms,
one-night standers...only! believe that?

it's been so long, since i've written,
but i'm back, because
i'm impervious,
and morose,
and pretty.
no more of these nonchalant poetry,
i've taken all the grief and turned it
for a race of heart beats across the interstate.
route 5 honey!
25 miles down,
south of Tallahasse,
west! baby, hit West!
of Englewood...
damn it, this wasn't easy,
but hey, you tear-catcher,
replace my 'sing-along' lovers.
as always, you'll be, always be.

goodness gracious,
boy, you never learned.
we both go, like
the sun,
and the moon,
on a date next to lazy Jupiter, sleeping.
the garden's too small, for crappy metaphors that mean 'forevers too long to wait for, we'd all die in peril, and go downtown...before we know it, we're too old for dancing, we would only watch the sunsets, or sing, lullabies so we could sleep peacefully in prison, or in my apartment, but we're old before our eyes.forever will burn up in magazines, or reality shows, like the real world...or rob and big...or the hills, just...hold hands until the chorus plays the song.'
yes...see what i mean? pointless metaphors indeed.

take a look at me, highway 43, route 5,
say it already,
that's why i chose you.
'i do'
dear, Emily, you'll be loved.
Vegas! don't stop, no...halt?
yes, Go go!
the priest is 44 seconds richer,
'You Do...'

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absolutely my favorite, and always will be: ]
omg even better! i like this wayy more than the same boring depressing poems tht EVERYONE writes. good job: ]