If You Stand Very Still

Poem By Winifred Emma May

If you stand very still in the heat of a wood
You will hear many wonderful things;
The snap of a twig and the wind in the trees,
And the whirr of invisible wings.

If you stand very still and hold to your faith
You will get all the help that you ask;
You will draw from the silence
the things that you need,
Hope and courage and strength for your task.

Comments about If You Stand Very Still

This was not composed by W E May but Patience String
I have an old record with that and others on it sounds good
I have a record of her reading the poem and others
My grandfather created, printed, and sold Christmas cards. Every year, he travelled to Europe to find artwork and poetry or other text for his magnificent cards. I fell in love with one - a black and white photograph of a woods with sun rays through the trees. This poem was the verse inside. Finally, when I was about 16, he made this card for me to give - prior to that, he felt it was too mature for a young girl. I have one in a double frame in my living room. One of my most treasured possessions.
Thank you for the inspiring reminder....it stilled my racing thoughts to calm. Beautiful! PEACE

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