KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

If You Still Have A Mother

If you still have a mother
Thank God and be content
Not all on this earth is granted this high luck.
It is your being, it is Your Will
It is your absolute best good
It is your greatest treasure on earth
The only good to you.

She has to first day of your birth
Lived for you, in anxious worry
They brought you in the evening to rest
And kissing woke up in the morning.

And she was sick,
She blessed you
Born you in deep pain
And gave all she had to
Your mother was never lost to you.

If you still have a mother
Then you shall maintain in love
That they one day, her weary head
In peace can lay to rest.

And if you have no mother
And you cannot bless and hold them
So you can only but her early grave
And decorate it with fresh flowers and wreaths.

Mother's grave, a holy grave!
For you, the holy eternal place!
Oh, turn to this place
If you doubt of the wave of life and love.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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I have found what I believe to be the opening lines of this poem written in an autograph book by a German POW held in Scotland in 1946. He wrote this to the woman who befriended him because her son was serving overseas at the same time: Wenn du noch eine Mutter hast Dann danke Gott and sei zufrieden Denn nicht jedem auf dieser Welt Ist dieses hohe Glueck beschieden What do you think?