(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

If You Still Remembered Me

This space I wanted,
Seems too large and empty
Without you.

In this place,
You've taken all my comfort.
I did not know you could do that.
I did not know I would want you back...
Like I want you back now.

This space I wanted,
Seems too barren and bleak
Without hearing your words
I wish to hear you speak.

You split...
And I called it quits.
We could not sit and talk,
Over it any longer!

That stays and replays in my mind!
Had I known I would find myself,
AFTER you left...
I would have sat and listened.
And put a stop to denying my faults.
You would not have walked out of my life!

I would have begged you to stay.
I would beg now to have you back.
If I knew where you were...
And if you still remembered me.

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A moving poem about a needless loss... Great... Colin J...