(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

If You Suggest It

I did not realize,
The depths of my being alone.
And my involvement with my peace.
Until I heard a knocking on my door.
Only to have it dawn on me,
Someone on the other side of it...
Had to have done that.
With then use of their hand.

'I'm sorry.
Were you knocking long? '

~That's okay.
I began to use my other hand.~

It has been awhile,
Since I have heard that sound.
It took me a few moments,
To connect it to the door.
I apologize.'

~Were you sleeping? ~

'Not at all.
But as you can see...
I am not familiar with receiving guests.
Come in!
Don't pay my nakedness any attention.
But I will get dressed.
If you suggest it.'

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