If You Thought...

If u thought love was all roses and no thorns...think again
If u thought love was all smiles and no lies...think again
Think of all that have tried to capture its essence...
To portray its face as heaven...
Think of your parents, your jesus, your mohhammed...

And know now, that love
Is at once the highest and the lowest
A pain and a joy, a puller of your hearts two ways
A strain to those that wish for it...
It is never a state of one, but two reverse states
The end so close to the beginning, so near yet so far
You could search for it, the whole night through
And when you get it at dawn, want nothing more of it
Yes, love is all that and nothing more
It is an amen and a lets pray

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Langston Hughes


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A very nice piece.Infact, LOVE is not all that roses.