If You'Ve Got Issues You'Ve Got Issues

Aren't you curious and find it strange,
That those who ridicule and complain...
About what others do and/or don't do,
Seem to have no activities at all...
Other than to come together day after day,
To do the same things?
With nothing to show for their efforts wasted?

I haven't noticed it.
I do my best to keep busy.
I don't take time watching what others do.
And where are you to observe this...
On a regular and daily basis.'

I asked you the question.

'I understood your question perfectly.
But what I don't understand...
Is 'how' and 'what' THEY do,
Has any connection to you? '

I've got to go.
It is difficult to have a conversation,
With somebody like you...
Who can't answer a simple question.
It's not complicated.
If you've got issues you've got issues.
Avoiding what they are wont solve them.
Especially to judge others.

'I agree with you.
And IF you have to go,
You have to go.
There was a time I'd wake up in the morning,
Confused and complex myself.
Until I self examined.'

I can see that.
Well I hope things work out for you.
Try not to be so negative.

Try to keep what we discussed,
To yourself, okay? '

No problem.
None at all.
I wont tell a soul.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I really like this poem! Presses you deep into thought.