If You Want A Prove

If I say something
You know what it means
If I look at you
You what I say
If I smile at you
You know what is in my heart
If I say I love you
And you think am kidding
If I say I want you
And you think am playing
If I say I need you
And you think am joking
Tell me you want a prove
And I will ask you what you want
If you said you want a lion
I will not look at you
Before I will go to the jungle
If you said you want me to move from my area
On that day I will pack
And move to your chooce
If you call me in the middin night
On that hour I we be at your side
If you said you need something
Within a secons I we give it to you
I will prove to you
With anything you want

by Okunuga Olanreywaju

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