(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

If You Want To Keep Your Peace Secured

I've been in one spot for twenty one years.
Mended from several heartbreaks.
And dried my own tears.
I know I've lost my mind...
At least a few times or more.
And the few people I knew had little to say.
Or bothered to knock on my opened door.

And today! TODAY...I get visitors.
Who claim to be my friends.
But I also know this much too well...
Folks only come around,
When they are near a dead end...
With no money to spend!
So I sat listening to 'them' ask...
'How have you been? '
And when I said I was doing great...
I was given from them big fake grins!
And I offered to them my hand and said...
'I'm so glad ya'll came by!
I need a loaf of bread.'

They quickly got up and left!
And that is how I have managed,
To keep my peace of mind.
Especially in a place...
Like this hometown of mine!

I can't wait for that fresh gossip,
To go around a few times!
If you,
Any of you
Want to keep your peace secured...
Tell folks you ain't got a dime!
That will do it!

You just happen to be cooking,
Collard greens with fried chicken wings.
Potato salad and yams,
WITH ice tea?
You 'then' have folks,
You can't get rid of fast enough!

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a happy hand you offer and ask for a loaf of bread... so good bye to so ‘n so but welcome dame peace no single dime with you though to please... I bring 10 peace no dimes, Lawrence...