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If You Were More Demure

If you were more demure
a little more shy
a little bit more earthy
bordering on insecure
a little more tactful or pure
my friendship you might more readily secure

If you were a little more mature
a little less jaded and unsure
not so full of compliments and self assure
I might feel more allure
and ask you for a tour
or own up to thoughts impure

But only so much can I endure
your false overture and lure
There must be somewhere a cure
you seem to be or poets, an entepreneur
albiet poor
I memorized the highlights on your flashy brochure

I'm an observateur
and am quite sure
how to tell a swamp from a moor
and I smell a faint odor of manure
which almost dose ensure
we won't be saying 'bonjour! '

Your only interest in me
is to promote your poems
I'm not like the others
I'm not impressed much
of that I can assure

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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