If You Will Let Me

If you let me take your hand,
I will show you a new world.
If you let me lead your path,
I will show you a new way of life.
If you follow my voice into the unknown,
I will show you how to live.
If you let me to change your view,
I will open up your mind.
But it’s all up to you to take that first step,
For all I can do, is take you only half way,
And guarantee a one way trip.

by Melissa Coventry

Comments (5)

every line, every word, every a stanza contains so much strings attached. well penned, a very lovely poem!
Very true I must take that chance
This could serve as a great intro to and metaphor for your poetry. Simple words and sentiment, with strong, immediate, & (dare i say?) persuasive imagery. Nice work.
I like this, its very true for you. You have an amazing habit of changing the people around you (always for the better) ... its good u know this Xx