If You Would Only

If you would only call me once,
And write a letter too;
It might just end the pain I feel
That comes from loving you.

If you would only be my friend,
And when you see me smile;
You'd bring me happiness unbound
And make my life worthwhile.

If you would only come one time,
And sit down by my side;
I'd tell you things you'll never hear
That others choose to hide.

If you would only hold my hand,
As I prepare to go;
And kiss my cheek one final time,
That's all I'd have to know.

Yes, all I need from you my dear
Is just to know you care;
Then I'll have joy for all my life
And still have some to spare.

Then with such joy, I'll surely be
Delivered from my plight;
And go to sleep, contented then
To sleep alone at night.

Yes, if you did these simple things,
That's all I would require;
Then I could live without it quenched,
The love that I desire.


Comments (14)

OMG, this is my absolute favorites piece. I love the flow and the delicate nature of your words. This is stupendous. So beautiful and touching... Oh goodness, sighs...
I feel a little related.. Very beautiful... lovely to read..
Stirring in the embers, fanning flames - meanwhile feeling like a wave-tossed ship with sails torn.... how many can relate to that....full of heartfelt emotion..well written indeed - Cindy
how tender how sweet...........that is all it takes to feel special and cherished that is all...........well penned
Aww this is so beautifully romantic. Creatively expressed. Touching. Every time i read one of your poems i'm reminded why i am such a fan. :) Thank you so very much for sharing.
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