DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

If You Write Poetry Don'T Say Anything

What is poetry some have asked
how is it made and how to grasp
the perfect expression of that which lasts.

This is not the language of debate
nor the words of wisdom spoke
by sages of dim and distant regions
when questioned by the rulers
of once great and ancient kingdoms.

This is the language that weaves and flows
from the heart and seeks to find
that ethereal essence of all mankind
this is the language that no one knows
the language that neither fades nor grows.

It fills imagination full
and speaks with words by which its filled
it speaks to the wise just as it speaks to fools
it speaks to all of that which is
and being that is always true.

Only the stars can hold its sound
only the moon can make it round
and only the earth can make it bound.

What sound is that by which its filled
that sound of stars in darkness
that sound that lights the heavens' vastness.

It is your sound
which lies in every heart
and finds completeness
beyond the dark
it is the sound of a trillion suns
it is sound from which they come.

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your words speaks volumes and i agree everything you said here.Well done.I love it