Within my anxiety, there is pain hidden
False masks, secrets allowing broken trust
Deep within I fear, in my heart I did feel
Something disturbed the peace, upset our perfect balance
This I know, but I cannot know. I know nothing.

I cant help but wonder, is it my face?
I must be terrifying, a ghoul or a fiend.
I know you're afraid, I see it within your eyes
You couldn't face me, you wouldn't tell me.
You ran from me.

Am I blind? Can I not see?
Where are you? Come back to me
Further and further I drove you away
You tried to show me, but the mist is thick
Through the glass, you faded from sight

Do I have amnesia? I cannot remember
You said you told me, I must have forgot
I'm trying to find you in an unfamiliar crowd
You blend in so well, I thought I knew your face
I'm lost in empty space.

Am I deaf? Can I not hear?
Did you tell me? Or did I not care?
I think you did, but I misheard
I tried to listen, but no sound reaches me
Your words come, no more.

It rips me apart, burns my shreds
It tears out my heart, leaves me to insanity
I am undone by ignorance, a memory long forgotten
I am shattered, I try to speak. But I am mute.
You stole my voice and I never knew

Now there is a third, that I can see
Even though my ignorance has blinded me
I couldn't remember, I could not speak
I thought it was me, maybe it was you
Sneaking within the shadows of my own perfect world

I've defended my castle, however, nothing lasts forever
Walls crumble, dreams decay
And even on the satin in which I lay, my existence fades
And in its place, the golden one stands
And in his hand, in which he holds,
There lies my Ignorance.

by Dillan Courtright

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