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*** Ignorance ***

Sojourn, efficacy entrapped within the boundaries
Choreographing the dances of life, like calligraphies

The strokes, beckoned a second look
Illuminated with flashes of nuke

Chapters and plots changed hands
Flock of thoughts flowed tearlessly beyond close range

Lives perished out of humans’ faults
Catastrophes, presumed as null and void

Serial numbers on the death certificates
Escalating at no rates

Who, constituted for the loss?
Leave it to God at all costs?

Could we share the common interest?
To live possibly from rags to riches

PS: Let's make the world, the best place to live! I was listenin' to the song ' when the children cry ' by the band group ' The White Lion ', when writin' this poem, but the song ' dust in the wind ' by 'Kansas' has inspired me of writin' this piece.Peace to the world! ! ! The world is our home and home is the best place to be.

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I enjoy your writing. It is about common enough subjects that others can identify with them, but using unique types of images or thoughts. Very nice.
That is amazing, i like this poem keep writing I love your poems :)
amazing. so perfectly true. awsome.
That's really nice Mr. Yusof. I enjoy reading this poem.
It's kinda like this - if you got right down to it, isn't that always the way? Shoulda, woulda, coulda. It's about about our impending blind date with human selectivity of life in general. I like the open ended modifier of your perspective premise. Though in this instance, gruesome, unfolding horror have always played a big part in the most vulnerable amoungst us in terms of ignorance.
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