CS (June 17,1990 / Enumclaw, WA)


It still amazes me
How ignorant you are
You used to be sweet
But you lost it all

The pain you created
In this heart of mine
Is all too overwhelming
To explain to anyone

The feeling of having my heart
Ripped from my chest
Stomped on, drenched with acid
Spat on, and ignored once the damage done

What did I do to deserve this?
What were you thinking
When you changed
Into someone you’re not?

I thought you loved me
I thought you cared
I trusted you
Even when you weren’t there

Three years of trust and friendship
Shut down and thrown away
We had it good
A friendship built to last

What happened?
What about the promises
You made, oh, so sincere?
Another obligation?

Yes, yet another
Her name is Kristina
I guess this is goodbye my friend
May you live a happy life

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