MH (1950 / Ohio)

. Ignorance Be Bliss

If Ignorance be Bliss
One may not seek for this
But if Intelligence is Unwise
One might not choose such prize
Without Wisdom Mercy is naught
Leaving Conscience as peril fraught
For Wisdom grows best by Mercy fed
These two in turn by Conscience are lead
When Intelligence and Wisdom don’t marry
Empathy and Love shall never nearby tarry
One schooled, in the college of living, knows
The ready distance Kindly Compassion goes
Though, by Knowledge, one may find Light
Learning does not instill an unlimited Right
To deny other humans their separate choice
If opposing ideas they do sometimes voice
For Learning would be but a hollow start
If Knowledge be lacking in having Heart
When Heart has defined its own Bliss
Intellect would ere to challenge this
Prudence, therefor, persists
That Ignorance be Bliss

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Comments (12)

amazing insight and expression - so rhythmic, philosophical. a classic indeed. MAMTA
A truly amazing piece of work. Wish you could tutor me into writing so well....
excellent poem! such a strong message, and it is beautifully woven together in an intricate mannor.
Mary Mary quite contrary, who knew you weren't ordinary. An artist at hand with words for a paint brush. Bravo
I am inclined to make this poem of yours part of my credo.
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