Ignorance Is Bliss

Leering... At the board
Laying on the desk
Tantalizing faith, Knowledge
and all the rest

Leaning against a bag
Listening to the teacher
Learning not to lag.....

Sitting and sleeping
Crying and weeping

Walking through life
With your eyes shut tight
Letting everyone pass by
Just open your eyes


Say hello, Hows your day
But as soon as you open your eyes
you are taken away
By the violence and the lies

So you shut your eyes tight
Engulfed by the night
And in your own sight
You take flight

Crying and weeping
Sitting and Sleeping

As you gather your way
Gather your way through life
Because its now for you to say
If you want to be ignorant or join the strife

Oblivious to the world
You look at the black board
As if it holds your sustenance to life
Guessing when it will be time to be reborn

Sitting and sleeping.
Crying and weeping.

Your blood seeping
Through your clothes
and you are weeping
Though you should know

It's not your blood seeping
That's causing all this weeping
It's other People's blood
That your just not seeing

Its all seeming
To come down now
As swift as a river streaming
Don't tilt your brow

Cuz your blood is seeping
and your just sitting and sleeping
Dont you feel it creeping
Shouldnt you be crying and weeping?

Our blood, Our blood.
Your Fears, Your Fears.
Dont you see the blood
and all the tears?

Tearing through the years
Busting through your fears
Making em grow, Letting em know
That there is a reason to hide
There's a reason to be scared

Sitting your way through school Sleeping..
While others are out ther crying & weeping? ! ? !
You act as if you dont feel the blood seeping! !
Wake up stop being ignorant, Stop sleeping! ! ! !
Wake up and stop the weepers frrom weeping! ! ! !

Ignorance is bliss..
But dont miss
What others so blatently do....

Make sure you know
That other people have feelings too
Feeling blue
Feeling unloved

The blood, Its seeping and creeping
And people are crying and weeping
And your just Sleeping! ! ? ?

Ignorance may be bliss..
But others cant be ignorant
and live in a blissfull world...
They're to busy worried
about losing their baby boy or baby girl..
If you've lost one you would know
That all you can see is the blood
Creeping.... Seeping....
Help them.... Stop being ignorant
And maybe You wont be afraid to open your eyes
Cuz maybe if you help you can stop the violence and lies

by Melissa Ferrer

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Very good, perfectly catchers the contradictions that are school life. Dan.