Ignorance Is Bliss

Poem By Rose Walker

As I said before,
Ignorance is bliss
For the young and the foolish
It used to be
Then I knew too much
I can't press the delete button
But if I could
I'd press it on my memory

It would be bliss
Not to remember anything
It would get rid of the joy and terror
Of the human life I hold so dear
I wouldn't know anyone
But who said they know me?
I would lose my secrets
The mountains of hurt people seem to enjoy laying on my shoulders

'It's not fair! ' They scream.
'Well neither are you! ' I scream back.
They are so frustrating
People with their whimsical ideas of stupidity
What makes life not fair?
An eye for an eye makes everyone honest
So deal with it in any way you choose
Because I'm not dealing with it for you

Ignorance is bliss
But I wish it was for me

Comments about Ignorance Is Bliss

Honest poignant piece. Well crafted. Much truth inside there 10/10
Such an interesting piece... enjoyed reading this one...10+++++++
Beautiful written poem Rose Thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken

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3,8 out of 5
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