Poem Hunter
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


Perfection itself,
Lay once within your grasp.
No more-
You have lost that chance,
When you settled yourselves
Into your lazy, laid-back, ignorant routine.
You lack imagination-
Stuck in your childish mentality,
You, lacking vision,
Are jealous of her,
Who can see the future.
The stars are in her grasp-
And you, who might have been
Raised up by lofty dreams,
Content yourselves instead to sling mud,
As if by your meager efforts
You might dim her glory.
Not so, fools.
And, lest you think she might miss your company,
Realize that she could not reach the stars
Without leaving the earth behind.
And you, fools, ignorant, remain earth-bound.
You lack, not only vision,
But also brains,
And -now- her,
Who wisely leaves behind
Your worthless company.
And now, you wish her gone,
But foolishly- for she,
And she alone,
Lent your group its glory.
Now, with her brilliance gone,
You can have no hope.
You, in your stupid hard-headed
Have left yourselves
Dying, in the cold,

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