Ignorant Replies

Ignorant Replies

You saw me at my best
You saw me at my worst
You know my fears
You dried my tears

I bricked myself in a hole
So comfortable and safe
A frozen bud with ugly petals
You tapped on the outside softly
A secret code I didn’t understand
Ignorant replies
You turned and faded leaving a note buried beneath our sand
I destroyed my walls
Only to see a safer place you had built for us
Golden brick by golden brick
And silver memories lining your walls
A palace we had

My bloodied palms swore it was too late
And the last dropp of blood sealed our fate
So I made feeble pleads to rectify
But my shame only boiled your hate

I wandered back the way we came
Through the sandy memories that now blind me
Our footprints had faded and our tide is gone
There is no other way
It’s just hard when your eyes used to see for me
And your hands guided me along

But it came to me we are entire different people
When it rains, I look up and smile with palms raised
You cower under a jacket and pout for a while
But did you ever think maybe He is weeping for us
And all He needs is a smile

by Timmy Tubbs

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