Ignore The Ad Above This Poem

I deeply resent
the ad above this poem
(well it was there
last time I looked)
for Carcanet Press
as if we were chums
them and I
far from it
not only am I
not published by them
in case you thought I was


they don't even answer my emails
offering them my poetry
at 100% off

and their
selecting editor
is quoted as saying that
'amateur' poets should
be wiped out
so much for
love of poetry

I guess courtesy
isn't award-winning
these days

(dammit, it's a different ad this time...)

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (5)

It's the dangling 'carrot' isn't it. they do it to make your mouth water, to wind you up and then dropp you head first, with a 'not quite suitable material'. statement! Love the subject matter. Well done. Love Ernestine XXX
Very funny, Michael. Quite some time ago, I posted 'Online Advertising.' You might like that and it fits your challenge. One never knows what will be flashing its irritating message just when you're writing a serious poem. Raynette
Oh Mary, that's laughably awful!
This is very funny Michael! I was upset when I posted my ''Ultimate Blonde Moment'' poem about ear piercing........the ad above it was for nipple piercing! ! I thought that was awful! :) Great poem. Sincerely, Mary
It certainly is! I loved this, great subject, well done Michael!