MN (11-08-1970 / )


They're back
from all night partying
Left relatively happy
return in a frenzied rage

She's in first // locks the door
We hear him
He's outside our window
''Please let me's cold out here.''
we ignore him.

''If you touch that window I'll break your arm! ''
She says as she stands backlit in our doorway
almost resembling an angel
we pretend we're sleeping
''He'll kill us all if he gets in here! ''
We muffle our cries with our wet pillow
that never has the chance to dry out
from the previous nights.
The musty smell fills our nostrils
drowning out the sounds filling our ears
''PLEASE let me in! I promise I'll go right to bed! ''
Ignore him.

He begs, pleads, even get in.
We love him...but, she's said he'll kill us
he said he won't
but, she probably will if we let him in.
Whimpering outside the window...
we ignore him.

It's 3: 45 a.m.
School comes too early...
although it's a welcomed escape.
Once home from school
it's never mentioned.
I walk by my parents...
ignore them.

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Comments (7)

The content of feeling contained in this is very honest and I could feel real emotion here, A powerful write, Love duncan
What an incredible poem. this really struck a chord, Mary. Keep 'em coming. Respect, JB
Definitely on a roll, Mary. Liked this as well. This style becomes you H
Life can be very dramatic for the young.
It's the 'piggy in the middle' saga. Which side do you lean towards, it's hard to know which way to go, it's a no win situation. When your a child these things are very haunting, and you tread so softly around the combatants. Well told. Love Ernestine XXX
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