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Ignored By Most
LK (06/01/1986 / south wales)

Ignored By Most

Ignored by most
tortured my others
no one notices
any of your talents.

if only i knew
how it happened
maybe i could help
your reputation.

you live on the street
have no home,
if i was in your shoes
i would wonder how i would cope.

everyday i walk past
and do not see
how helpless you are
for someone to notice.

it never occurred to me
hoe you live
until i looked
and glimsed at you.

i was so caught up
in my life
i didnt even realise.

if i was in your place
how would i feel
to be ignored
to be ridiculed.

from your point of view,
i would see
how things could come to this.

understanding why
these things happen
to do something
to keepit from happening.

if i was in your place
how would i manage
in a would so cold
where no one notices.

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