Ii. A Traversal Of The Great Rain Maker

Poem By Igwe Kalu

The children of men have come to me,
They say to me
'Give us our word for the rain,
And so to the rain.'

The rain maker stands, betwixt
The faces of men and their retinue of wealth,
And the liberty at the heart of the rain.
But the great man of thought…

'-The rain sleeps, when it wills
Let it be, lest
Its restlessness grows
Mightier than my chest -

'-Let men mourn with the rain,
As does the rain…'

Comments about Ii. A Traversal Of The Great Rain Maker

Powerful, mythic image. Beautiful.
waoh....this is an awesome piece....love it so much....
this poem makes me think of a unknown world, a fantasy.... lost in the dept of life
This was a very interesting poem, almost a fantasy in its concept. I liked it. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

4,4 out of 5
6 total ratings

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