A Politicians War.

For months they fought,
With bombs and guns,
To win the greatest war.
Forwards they ran,
Across no mans land,
Not really knowing what for.
Behind the lines,
Politicians new why,
They agreed to let them fight.
But it wasn't those people,
Who had the strength,
The courage, pride or might.
On one day,
The fighting stopped,
The soldiers climbed out of the trenches.
Without the guns,
Without the bombs,
Both sides kicking down wired fences.
They met in the middle,
With smiles on their faces,
The leaders discussing a game.
Both sides were to play,
A game of footy or two,
1914, christmas day.
They spent the day laughing,
Becoming real friends,
Forgetting the last hundred days.
But what they truely forgot,
Was the next day to come,
When the game would no longer be in play.
The guns would come out,
As would the bombs,
And the orders would be given to fire.
But now it was different,
They were firing at their friends,
Because of politicians desires.
When they found out,
About the soldiers day of joy,
They said 'don't do it again, close the door.'
From that moment on,
It was obvious to all,
That it really was a politicians war.

Written between 11-11-10 and 14-11-10

by Louisa Rogers

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