Ilakkiya, My Love!

Ilakkiya, My Love!

Ilakkiya is her name

From the lips to heart she will enjoy the sweet

Breeze will come and ask her to blow

Sun will come polish her face

Many angels are her maidens

She is Ilakkiya, My love

Her jetblack hair will cover the face of moon

Her sweet red lips will cover the morning sun

She is Ilakkiya', My Love

Every daybreak her smiles spread the rays

Her walk creates new steps in the dance

Her words are borrowed by cuckoo to sing

She is Ilakkiya, My love

The charms of love start from her eyes and

pierce my heart as arrows to fill the pores

deer comes to learn how gleefully to leap

She is Ilakkiya, My love

In the corridors of her memory

I have walked five and forty years

To hear her songs of love the rest of the life

Open I shall keep my ears

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A true love never dies and it lives in any form...... and the yuga and it comes always with us........... ilakkiya let her live in you with green memoirs........lago lago
Fine love poem! heartfelt expressions! 10+